• The Healthy Hound Newsletter 62

    1 month ago - By iHeart Dogs

    In This Issue
    ● Are Dog Years Real?
    ● Hybrid Dog vs. Mutt
    ● Why Grapes Are Toxic To Dogs
    ● 8 Ways You Annoy Your Dog
    ● Is Your Vet Doing A Good Job?
    ● Protect Your Dog From These 7 Bugs
    Recent Food Recalls 3/26/21 - Midwestern Pet Foods 3/16/21 - Bravo Packing, Inc.
    1/17/21 - Mars Petcare UK 11/13/21 - Albright's Raw Chicken Recipe 10/8/21 - Sunshine Mills, Inc.
    Are Dog Years Real? Here's How to Calculate Your Pet's Age
    ​Determining a dog's real age is far more complicated than simply multiplying by seven for every “human” year. According to veterinarians and researchers...
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