• The 12 Funniest Rottweiler Memes of the Day!

    10 days ago - By Rottweiler Life

    Here is a challenge for you! Try not to laugh!😁 1 When someone you don`t like tries to make a joke.
    2 Cat looks like he's about the hottest RAP album of 2016😂 3 The Rottweiler starterpack.
    4 This is so embarrassing!
    5 One doesn`t just simply stroke a Rottweiler and not expect it to climb on your lap.
    6 I don`t always crush my owners, but when I do...It`s because I must lick your face. It's mandatory.
    7 When you`re ugly af.
    8 When you`re a Mess.
    9 I don`t always act like I`m starving... but when I do...It's because I sensed food nearby and I really want some!
    10 I don`t always fart, but...
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