• Our Rottweiler - Ace, Shows Aggressive Behaviors Towards Our Gardener and Plumbers

    16 days ago - By Welcome Dog Lovers

    Email Query From Dog Owners
    Question by Mike Murray, Location:- Redmond, Washington
    I have read many articles in the Internet about dog aggression and how to handle aggression in dogs. Nothing worked well. I hope you might have a few ideas for me.
    I live on a 85 acre large farm in the Seattle, Washington area. Our Rottweiler - Ace - is 22 months old, male and neutered. He was born in Russia and we got him from a breeder who has been in the business for over 25 years.
    Ace is very loyal, calm, obedient, happy, playful and submissive, and very friendly for me and my family. We go on walks...
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