• 15 Pictures That Prove Rottweilers Are The Worst Dogs On Earth

    10 monthes ago - By Rottweiler Life

    We are warning you against some terrible rottweiler you never have to be faced with, today is about Rottweilers, don't let them trick you with their beautiful face and their cheerful mood.
    1. Do they look like friendly rottweiler?
    Rottweiler 2. They hate cuddles.
    Rottweiler 3. They'll invide your space...
    Rottweiler 4. They like being alone, don't like being with humans.
    Rottweiler 5. They're lazy.
    Rottweiler 6. Rottweilers, don't know how to enjoy the moment.
    Rottweiler 7. They're not interested in rolling about in the mud like other happy rottweiler.
    Rottweiler 8. They are boring...
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