• 14 Reasons Why You Have To Avoid Getting A Rottweiler

    23 days ago - By Rottweiler Life

    1 They hate swimming!
    Rottweiler Dog Swimming In The Lake 2 They are not big fans of cuddling
    Rottweiler cuddling with owner 3 And Hate Hugs As Well
    Rottweiler Hugs Owner 4 They don't sleep as they stay all night long planning to murder you
    Rottweiler nap
    You can see the evilness right in their eyes!
    Happy rottweiler 6 See the evilness!!
    Happy rottweiler 7 They are just some heartless creatures!
    cute Rottweiler 8 They hate making friends with other animals
    Rottweiler with a cat 9 They are not naturally friendly
    ROTTWEILER AND PIG 10 Can you see?
    Rottweiler and horse 11 They are not...
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