• 14 Must-Read Books About Rottweilers

    16 days ago - By Rottweiler Life

    If you are that kind of person who wants to know all the information before making any decision, if you are a dog lover and a reading lover at the same time, and if before everything you want to get a Rottweiler, here are 14 must-read books about Rottweilers you have to read before getting one.
    1 The Rottweiler Bible - Mark Manfield
    Includes all the information you want to know about Rottweilers.
    2 Training Your Rottweiler - Barbara L. McNinch
    All the information you need to know about training your Rottweiler 3 The Rottweiler - Di McCann
    The essential guide from puppy to senior dog 4...
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