• 13 Funny Rottweiler Memes That Make You Laugh Too Hard

    10 monthes ago - By Rottweiler Life

    People say Rottweilers are dangerous dogs due to their possible aggression. But owners of this beautiful breed know for sure that Rotties are very funny dogs!😀 1 I don't always follow you everywhere, but when I do...It's when you move 5 steps and said you`d be right back!
    2 You think you trainned ME?
    3 When your girl`s mad and you try to cheer her up!
    4 When your human comes home and calls you by your full name...
    5 What a Rottweiler looks like playing ball in the house!
    6 Selfie vs tagged photo.
    7 When you`re ugly af.
    8 When you`re a Mess.
    9 I don`t always act like I`m starving... but...
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