• 10 Pictures Proving That Rottweilers Are Just Hidden Kids

    22 days ago - By Rottweiler Life

    What are the traits of your baby child? They are kind, funny, loyal, following you everywhere, love you endlessly, and do some weird stuff. If you have a Rottweiler you know how much they are similar to human kids. Also, they seem to be hidden kids pretending to be dogs. They eat like kids, hug you like little dogs, do weird stuff as well. So, here are 10 pictures proving that Rottweilers are actually hidden babies!
    1 They are just kids pretending to be dogs.
    2 “Who ate my candy!” 3 They eat weird stuff too 4 Kids hidden in fur 5 Can't you see!
    6 Two babies sleeping together.
    7 They think...
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