• Boy Was Saving Up To Buy Puppy, Grandma Asks Him To Close His Eyes & Stretch His Arms

    8 days ago - By iHeart Dogs

    6-year-old Xander Mellor from Springfield, Illinois, had been saving up for the past 18 months to buy a puppy. When Natalie Ellenburg came home from work, he would politely ask her for the change she had on her and deposit it in his savings jar.
    Image/Story Source Credit: Caters Clips via YouTube Video
    Xander had stopped buying sweets and delicious things because he wanted a puppy of his own. When his grandparents heard about his charming quest, they decided to pay him a visit to make his wish come true!
    Image/Story Sour ce Credit: Caters Clips via YouTube Video
    In this video, Xander...
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