• UPDATE: Veteran Whose Service Dog Was Killed During Wrongful Arrest Receives A New Puppy

    1 month ago - By iHeart Dogs

    Updated 12/15/21:
    Joshua Rohrer, the homeless Iraq War veteran whose service dog was hit and killed by a car following his arrest, was recently gifted a puppy by a local good samaritan. Rohrer is now a doting dog dad to little Justice Rae, a playful Belgian Malinois puppy.
    The special little pup's name was carefully chosen. Justice, because Rohrer is fighting for justice for Sunshine Rae, and Rae as a reminder of the friend he lost. Like any puppy, Justice Rae is overflowing with energy. That energy is being harnessed to train Justice Rae to fulfill Sunshine's legacy.
    “She's my new baby,”...
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