• Puppy Socialization Book Is Now Available

    10 days ago - By Eileen and Dogs

    Beau, 11 weeks
    The heck with the rest of this post; I want to buy the book now!
    Puppy Socialization: What It Is and How to Do It, by Marge Rogers and myself, is now available at Amazon and several other e-book vendors! We think it's already a steal at its list price, $9.99, but it's 20% off for the whole month of June. You can purchase 63,000 words, 50+ photos, and access to 50+ linked videos for $7.99.
    Clara , 11 weeks
    This book is why the lights have been off for an unprecedented two months in my blog! Late at night sometimes I work on some posts-it's impossible for me not to write blog...
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