• Cute Bulldog Pup Wanted A Seat On The Couch, And Had A “Feisty Confrontation” With Dad

    15 days ago - By iHeart Dogs

    Bulldog pups are known for their sassy attitudes when it comes to temper tantrums. In this video, we see tiny Greta, a tiny Bulldog puppy, attempting to persuade her father through a feisty debate !
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    It appears that Greta is furious about something. She prowls around Dad's feet like a munchkin, clearly disappointed at being denied a seat on the couch. Dad's taunting remarks are only making matters worse, and Greta becomes enraged with Dad. 😂
    Greta takes a ‘hissy fit' as she growls and barks on the floor. Every time she leaps and puffs with furious roars, the tiny infant...
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