• Today is my Birthday !!!!

    27 days ago - By Ranger Scottie

    Arrrrrrrroooooooo !!!!!!
    I am 63 today!
    Dats only 9 in human years.
    What's dat all about? 63 vs 9 Dos humans are always trying to look and be younger. What's a little grey? Mom thinks dat I look distinguished. Cool.
    I get CHICKEN with my kibble tonight. Yippy... I can't wait. Maybe I'll get a new stuffie too. I'm going to keep a lookout for a Chewy box. I did get a Birthday card from them so dare might be a pressie coming too.
    Since it is my Birthday, I thought I'd share a baby Ranger pic wiff you.
    Yep... no grey furs back den.
    Have a Grrrrrrrreat Day.
    Wags, Ranger
    Peees... Happy Birthday...
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