• The Healthy Hound Newsletter 60

    1 month ago - By iHeart Dogs

    In This Issue
    ● Aspirin For Dogs
    ● Benadryl For Dogs
    ● Scientifically Cutest Breeds
    ● Your Personality Affects Behavior
    ● How To Pick Best Flea Product
    ● National K9 Veteran's Day
    Recent Food Recalls 3/3/21 - Bravo Packing, Inc.
    1/17/21 - Mars Petcare UK 1/11/21 - Midwestern Pet Foods 11/13/20 - Albright's Raw Chicken Recipe 10/8/20 - Sunshine Mills, Inc.
    Aspirin For Dogs: Uses, Dosages, And Side Effects
    All medications come with potential side effects and risks. But without them, our pets would suffer needlessly from pain, fever, and other preventable symptoms.
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