• Hilariously Sidetracked Husky Has Had Enough Of This Agility Course

    22 days ago - By iHeart Dogs

    Agility courses are all about being fast and accurate. However, for Lobo the Siberian Husky, the agility course at the 2020 Westminster Dog Show was all about having fun. Every year, there's at least one dog whose head isn't in the game, and this year, it's clearly Lobo. The adorable pup loves taking his time and admiring all the new sights and smells. He's not in it to win it, but instead, he's in it for an enjoyable experience!
    Image: Screenshot, FOX Sports YouTube
    Lobo's Moment in the Spotlight
    Lobo was a part of the 24-inch agility competition, which means the size of the ridge between...
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