• Is BARK Eats Worth It? Sniff Around Inside The New DoorDash For Dogs

    1 month ago - By Bark Post

    From the makers of BARKBox, BARK Eats specializes in drool-worthy meals customized for every dog, crafted by nutritionists and delivered to your door in perfect portions. Maybe your dog's coat could be a little glossier, their toots a little less noxious, or their poop a whole lot easier to scoop.
    No matter the digestive dilemma, dog people can agree on one thing: We want to feed our dogs the best, and if we don't have to lug a heavy bag into the car? That's just the delicious topper on, well, top.
    How Does Eats Work?
    1. Let's Sniff Butts
    First, you'll provide some basic info on what you...
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