• BARK Is Bringing Their Steamy Thanksgiving Pig Butts Back AGAIN In A Big Way

    10 monthes ago - By Bark Post

    A Brief History Of Pig Butts
    One year ago, we served up what we thought was a wholesome Thanksgiving meal in our “Overstuffed” BarkBox. One of those toys included a pair of “Big Honkin' Pigs in a Blanket.” Yes, we know how that sounds... now. They were small. They were carby. They had a pig nose, little pink pig butt cheeks, and a curly tail. INNOCENT AND CUTE, YA WANNA FIGHT ABOUT IT?
    And then we launched our ads on social. What followed was the end of the good ol' days.
    It took about .2 seconds to realize y'all and your dirty minds saw something other than tubular swine. A reminder , for...
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