• 80-Year-Old Gravestone Honors Dog Who “Died A Gentleman”

    5 monthes ago - By iHeart Dogs

    There's no concept that feels as timeless as a human's love for their dogs. They're members of the family, so we tend to apply many of our human traditions to them: birthday celebrations, Halloween costumes, and ultimately funeral or memorial ceremonies.
    In many cultures, traditional burial rites involve dedicating a headstone in honor of the person lost. So naturally, people often remember their lost pets the same way. That doesn't seem to have changed much at all over the last 80 years, as a recent discovery in a local park indicates.
    Lora Peppers/Findagrave.com
    Zach Medlin was walking...
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  • 5 Signs You Love Your Dog More Than Your Family Members

    5 Signs You Love Your Dog More Than Your Family Members

    5 monthes ago - By iHeart Dogs

    We can all agree that we love our dogs like family, but do you prefer the company of your canine companions over your human family members?
    You may be afraid to admit this out loud, but for the record, we can totally relate! Dogs are our best friends, confidants, and furry family members, and their love and loyalty is unconditional and everlasting.
    They don't judge, they're always happy to see us, and they never, ever let us down - even if they act a little bit naughty sometimes. It's really no wonder we love our dogs like our human relatives, and sometimes, even more than them!
    Below are...
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