• UPDATE: Dog Found With Teeth Ground Down To The Gums Is Now Living His Best Life

    1 month ago - By iHeart Dogs

    In Detroit, Michigan, a nightmare is over for a dog who finally got rescued.
    Logan was found running in the streets, emaciated and unsure of who to turn to. When a good Samaritan called Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue , they immediately went to find the pup.
    When rescuers first saw the downtrodden dog, who they named Logan, it was evident from his protruding rib bones and badly cropped ears that he'd come from a life that was hell on Earth. But when they drove him to the vet after picking him up, more light was shed on his dark past.
    When the vet lifted his lips, they saw that all his...
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  • UPDATE: Shelter Dog Returned By Adopters For Being “Too Good”

    UPDATE: Shelter Dog Returned By Adopters For Being “Too Good”

    1 month ago - By iHeart Dogs

    Binx is a gorgeous mixed breed pooch with one blue eye and one brown eye. He loves to run, play, hike, and enjoy the Arizona outdoors. In addition to his good looks and adventurous spirit, he is potty trained, sits and shakes on command, and loves kids and other dogs.
    Despite his perfect resume, Binx was recently returned to the Arizona Animal Welfare League after just 48 hours with his new family. The reason? He is just TOO GOOD!
    Binx's adopters could not stop singing his praises on the surrender form, describing his gentle nature and obedient manner. His friends at the AAWL...
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