• Reas The Whippet Breaks Records To Become “America's Fastest Dog”

    23 days ago - By iHeart Dogs

    A new speedy dog has been crowned “America's Fastest” as of December 2021! 3-year-old Reas a white and blonde Whippet from Michigan City, Indiana, became the AKC champion after breaking the 100-yard dash record in the Fast CAT Invitational.
    Reas completed the race in 5.769 seconds, indicating a speed of 35.45 miles per hour. This time is 0.5777 seconds faster than last year's winner Phelan's time of 6.346 seconds, or 32.3 miles per hour.
    For comparison, the fastest a human has ever been recorded is around 27.7 mph, which was a record-breaking sprint. Reas is a very fast...
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