• “Pet Poo Skiddoo” Collects Your Dog's Poop And Makes It Environmentally Productive

    10 monthes ago - By iHeart Dogs

    Sorry if it's taboo, but let's talk about poop. Specifically: dog poop. Think about how many little baggies full of it fill your trash can by pick up day. Now multiply that by every dog in your neighborhood, your city, your entire state. That's a lot of poop, isn't it?
    Stephanie Chow, founder and owner of “ Pet Poo Skiddoo ,” certainly thinks so. That's why the Asheville, North Carolina-based company is collecting this waste... for a very good reason.
    A sobering fact on the company's website reads:
    “The average dog discards approximately 275 pounds per year, and with 90 million dogs in the...
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