• Pit Bull That Could Hardly Stand Still Sees The World Through Loving Eyes

    23 days ago - By iHeart Dogs

    When Glitch was rescued, he weighed in at 14 pounds. The Pit Bull was so rail thin that he could hardly stand up. Nikki heard about the pup and volunteered to foster him. Glitch arrived at his foster home and settled into a dog bed. Nikki's dog, Petey, came over and introduced himself. This was when everything changed!
    Petey was an inspiration to Glitch, and the pup followed him everywhere. He wanted to learn everything from his doggy foster brother, and the outcome was spectacular! Glitch saw Petey running around the park, having fun, and wanted to try it for himself. This...
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  • Missing Pit Bull Travels 1,500 Miles In Only A Few Weeks

    Missing Pit Bull Travels 1,500 Miles In Only A Few Weeks

    23 days ago - By iHeart Dogs

    When a Pit Bull from Killeen, Texas, disappeared for weeks, his family worried they'd never see their loving dog again. Bruassard, the Pit Bull, had gotten out of his fenced-in yard a few times, but he always returned shortly after thanks to the help of his neighbors. So, when Kenneth Green returned home to find his backyard gate open and Bruassard missing, he was sure the pup would turn up soon.
    But the missing Pit Bull never appeared. None of Green's neighbors had seen the pup, so Green panicked. For several weeks, Green had no idea where his furry friend was.
    Beloved Pit Bull...
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