• Design A Dog Toy With BARK x Almond School Of Design For A Chance To Win $2,000

    10 monthes ago - By Bark Post

    UPDATE 9/13/21: The top 10 entries have been chosen! Check out the finalists' designs below.
    GREETINGS, DOG PEOPLE! Do you like money? Do you have a cool idea for a new dog toy? WELL BOY DO WE HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU. Presenting, BARK x Almond School of Design's “The BARK Challenge”.
    About Almond School of Design
    According to almond.school , Almond is an online school of design producing world-class educational content for aspiring designers and artists from around the globe.
    The BARK Challenge
    We're teaming up with our friends at Almond to host a challenge where YOU (yes, you - if...
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  • Homeless Boy Adopts Puppy And Names Him After Lost Brother

    Homeless Boy Adopts Puppy And Names Him After Lost Brother

    10 monthes ago - By iHeart Dogs

    Rommel Quemenales was only 11-years-old when a documentary was released about his life on the streets. His dad left him at an early age and his mom showed little interest in her many children. So, Rommel began begging and finding money in his own ways. But he wasn't doing it alone. During his time on the streets, he met a homeless puppy, who quickly became his best friend.
    Rommel named his dog Badji after his brother Adji who disappeared many years ago. Rommel takes Badji everywhere with him, and he takes care of the dog's needs before his own. They're the most heartwarming pair you'll...
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  • 900+ Boy Dog Names for Your Good Boy

    900+ Boy Dog Names for Your Good Boy

    10 monthes ago - By Dog Tipper

    Giving dogs human names has become more and more of a trend as dogs have moved into their position as family members. We've pulled together a list of over 900 boy dog names, arranged alphabetically. These classic names are pulled from Social Security data starting in 1880, old-fashioned dog names for your new good boy!...
    This post first appeared in DogTipper.com. Link to original post: 900+ Boy Dog Names for Your Good Boy
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