• Yorkie Taken From Elderly Woman's Porch Is Returned Safe & Sound

    16 days ago - By iHeart Dogs

    When a dog is lost, every day is a struggle. You can't help but wonder when they'll return, if they ever do. 71-year-old Dianne Ramsey was only apart from her beloved Yorkie for four days, but it felt like a lifetime.
    Sasha the 15-year-old Yorkie was stolen off Ramsey's porch in New Orleans. Ramsey, who is a vascular dementia patient, was crushed when she found out. But as it turns out, the “thief” might not have been the villain they thought. In fact, the whole situation was a misunderstanding for both parties.
    Image: Screenshot, Louisiana SPCA YouTube
    A Beloved Dog Missing
    Sasha is...
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