• Senior Dog's Impatient Family Wanted Her Euthanized, But Someone Saw Her Value

    6 monthes ago - By iHeart Dogs

    On her 11 acre property in Conyers, Georgia, Melissa runs “ Old Dog Home .” The senior dog rescue offers patience, love, and support to rescue dogs over the age of 7 years from the Atlanta area.
    Just like people, when dogs age they face new challenges that accompany getting old. But that doesn't make them any less of loving and worthy companions and family members. Sadly, older dogs are often abandoned because their people don't want to commit to their care or simply can't afford to.
    Melissa explains Old Dog Home's noble and caring mission:
    “For the dogs that come to us and can be...
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  • Visitors Are Leaving Sticks At 100-Year-Old Dog's Grave

    Visitors Are Leaving Sticks At 100-Year-Old Dog's Grave

    6 monthes ago - By iHeart Dogs

    If your home has ever been graced by fuzzy paws and a wagging tail, then you know that there is such a thing as eternal love. Visitors to the Green-Wood Cemetery in south Brooklyn are celebrating that eternal love and the story will tug at your heartstrings.
    The bustling streets of New York are filled with more than the tickers on Wall Street, LED screens in Times Square, and irresistible pizza shops. Some of New York's must-see stops are simple, lovely, and timeless.
    One Grave Sticks Out Among The Rest
    A bronze statue honoring one of the best good boys adorns one particular grave and you...
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