• Vietnam Veteran Vows To Save 50,000 Dogs To Honor The K9 He Left Behind

    5 monthes ago - By iHeart Dogs

    51 years ago, U.S. Army veteran Mike Monahan finished his tour of duty during the Vietnam War. On that day, he also had to say goodbye forever to Chico, a trained Army dog on his patrol team. Chico alerted his team to tripwires and even saved Monahan's life.
    To this day, Monahan can't help but feel guilt over leaving Chico behind. Because, not long after he hugged his friend goodbye in that kennel in Vietnam, Chico was needlessly euthanized. When the U.S. Military pulled out of Vietnam, many dogs that served met similar tragic ends.
    Michael Monahan via Kickstarter
    Monahan, still devastated...
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