• Tiny Yorkie Fights Off Coyote To Keep Her 10-Year-Old Human Sister Safe

    1 month ago - By iHeart Dogs

    Macy the Yorkie may be little - but she sure is fierce.
    The little dog proved just that last week when she and her 10-year-old human sister, Lily Kwan, were out on a walk in their Ontario, Canada neighborhood and came face-to-face with a coyote. The coyote was chasing the pair down the sidewalk when Macy jumped into action, barking and lunging at the other canine.
    Lily ran to a neighbor's house screaming for help as the coyote grabbed Macy in his mouth. Eventually, a neighbor came outside and chased the coyote away.
    Image: Dorothy Kwan/ GoFundMe
    Macy was injured in the attack - but she...
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