• In Memory of Sassy, the Siberian Husky; Face of Sassy's Goodies & Gib Nibs Dog Treats

    18 days ago - By Five Sibes

    Remembering "Sassy," the beautiful Siberian Husky and face of Sassy's Goodies "Gib Nibs" Handcrafted Healthy Dog Treats & More
    It is always hard to learn of a beloved furfriend earning their wings...today, we are fondly remembering beautiful "Sassy" ~ Nanette Willis' beautiful Siberian Husky and the namesake to her dog specialty store based in Missouri for homecrafted healthy dog treats and personalized dog gifts, Sassy's Goodies.
    "Sassy" with her little packmate sister "Bella" and hu-mom/baker and owner of Sassy's Goodies, Nanette, in 2018. Photo Courtesy of Nanette Willis.
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