• Dog Lost For 2 Weeks Discovered Tired But Alive In New Jersey Swamp

    1 month ago - By iHeart Dogs

    If you've ever had your dog escape a pen or run out the front door for even just a second, you know the sinking feeling that hits your gut when you realize your best friend might be lost.
    So when Jim and Marie Zangara's Golden Retriever, Chunk, went missing for two whole weeks, those 14 days and nights were excruciating.
    Image: Facebook / Marie Puzio Zangara
    Chunk Hits The Road
    Chunk ran away on June 6 while enjoying some beachy fun with his folks in the seaside town of Barnegat Bay, New Jersey.
    Marie told NJ.com that Chunk is “on the shy side” and that he probably got confused on a busy...
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