• Defeat Cruella, Maleficent, Scar, & More BARK Disney Villains In Our Evilest PetSmart Collection Yet

    8 days ago - By Bark Post

    No matter how dastardly their opponents, good dogs always play happily ever after. Get this collection at PetSmart stores and online now!
    BARK Disney Villains PetSmart Collection:
    Ursula never underestimates the importance of squeaker language! This poor unfortunate toy is sure to get the paw end of the deal. With its whip-n-flip tentacles and long & strong hair , pups who like to thrash are sure to drag this toy down, down, down, into the depths where it belongs.
    Get a-Ack!-good grip on this pesky parrot toy before it steals away. Iago can't believe he got ahold of that stupid...
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