• Florida Couple Runs Busy Dog Rescue Right Out Of Their Home

    20 days ago - By iHeart Dogs

    Most dog rescues rely on dozens of foster homes to function. But anyone who has fostered a canine knows that having an extra dog around can be a lot of work. Imagine if you had to care for about 70 adoptable dogs at once!
    A Florida couple runs a dog rescue right out of their own home. They could have anywhere from 20 to 75 dogs in their house at once, and they make it look effortless. Since they started this passion project back in 2008, they've rescued over 12,500 dogs from unfortunate situations. They're the definition of heroes!
    Image: DannyRonsRescue/Facebook
    Danny & Ron's Rescue
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  • Deaf And Blind Rescue Dog Knows Exactly When Mom Comes Home

    Deaf And Blind Rescue Dog Knows Exactly When Mom Comes Home

    20 days ago - By iHeart Dogs

    One-year-old Pearl may not be able to see or hear her owner, but that doesn't stop her from knowing exactly where she is. Born with a condition called “double merle,” Pearl has had to navigate the world a little differently than the average rescue dog. She's blind and deaf, but thanks to the right kind of training and a loving owner, she's learned to overcome her disabilities.
    Pearl lives in Hawaii with her owner Lauren and three other rescue dogs, Pebble, Penny, and Pete. When she was adopted in November 2016, there was no guarantee she'd fit seamlessly into her new family. Her...
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