• 21 Dogs That Prove They're The Best Thing To Ever Happen To Humans

    1 month ago - By iHeart Dogs

    WARNING: What you're about to see will melt your heart! These pictures are proof that dogs are too good for us! Make sure you have a good boy to snuggle with at the end. Proceed with caution.
    Isn't there a song about this guy?
    But I would walk 500 miles
    And I would walk 500 more
    Just to be the dog who walks a thousand miles
    To fall down at your door
    Photo via reddit.com
    Sorry man, but your best friend is way cuter, and he doesn't leave the seat up.
    Photo via reddit.com
    We all know grandpa got that dog to be his wingman. It totally works. Get it, gramps - you sly fox, you!
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