• Common Australian Shepherd Health Issues

    20 days ago - By Bark Post

    What do you think of when we say Australian shepherd? You may picture their gorgeous double coat, striking eyes, and infectious energy-as well as all their endless lovable personality traits. But with so many positive qualities coming to mind, possible health concerns may elude you.
    The excitement of adopting a new dog can sometimes overwhelm our debt of service to them. As owners, we must look for signs of health issues and schedule regular doctor visits. However, when every dog breed has a unique background, how do you know what signs to look out for?
    Consider this your official...
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  • Common Boxer Health Issues

    Common Boxer Health Issues

    20 days ago - By Bark Post

    In a way, a boxer pup will float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. While they'll patiently tolerate small children tugging on their ears, they'll also fearlessly protect your family at the first sign of a threat. 1
    But, before you high-tail it to your local boxer rescue , you should familiarize yourself with some common boxer health issues.
    All dog breeds have their individual quirks, and boxers are no exception. We're here to help you learn about the seven most common illnesses and conditions that could impact your boxer's quality of life-and even their lifespan, if they don't...
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  • Common Pit bull Health Issues

    Common Pit bull Health Issues

    20 days ago - By Bark Post

    With their darling “come pet me” eyes, agile frames, and profound sense of loyalty, pit bulls make for a delightful pet. Who hasn't instantly fallen for a pit bull pup, or harbored dreams of adopting one as their family mascot?
    If you're fortunate enough to call a “ velvet burrito ” your sidekick, you want to do all you can to ensure they enjoy a long, healthy life-and a big part of this puzzle is having a full picture of the health concerns that commonly affect them.
    Let's jump into the most prevalent pitbull health issues these pooches encounter so that you can act fast and, when...
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  • Common Chihuahua Health Issues

    Common Chihuahua Health Issues

    20 days ago - By Bark Post

    Chihuahuas give new meaning to the saying, “dynamite comes in small packages.” Super petite, exceptionally adorable, and full of vim and vigor, these sweet little creatures bring unlimited joy to pet owners.
    Like all dog breeds, though, chihuahuas can be prone to specific health issues-yes, despite the fact that their above-average lifespans range between 15 and 17 years. 1
    The excellent news is that with careful monitoring of your pooch's health, implementing preventive measures, and taking advantage of the treatments available, you can enjoy your chi-chi's company for a blissfully long...
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