• Richmond Pug Meetup

    4 years ago - By Best Bully Sticks

    We spoke with Meg from Richmond Pug Meetup about the cool pug events that they do in Richmond, VA.
    Why was Richmond Pug Meetup established?
    RPM was established in 2005 by Robin, who had recently moved to Richmond with her pug, Sumo. Robin was familiar with pug meetups in other cities and she thought to start one here in order to meet some people in her new city. She and her pug moved away in 2006 but RPM lives on. Nicola and her pug, Tanner, ran the group next and I took over in 2009 after her pug sadly passed away.
    What meetups do you have and how often are they?
    We hold Pug Meetup on the...
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