• Man Rescued Dying Stray Husky And ‘Transformed Her' Into The ‘Most Gorgeous Dog'

    1 month ago - By iHeart Dogs

    On his way home from work, Rico Soegiarto encountered a Siberian Husky half-buried in the road in Denpasar, Bali. She was severely malnourished, had numerous scars all over her body, and was completely bald.
    This poor dog was a Siberian Husky, but she appeared so awful that you couldn't tell. Rico made up his mind to save her on the spot.
    Image/Story Source Credit: Rico Soegiarto
    Rico already had four rescue dogs at home, but he fell in love with this pup the moment he set eyes on her. He chose the name Hope because of her bright blue eyes, which glowed with hope despite her horrible...
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