• 8 Of The Largest Dog Breeds

    4 years ago - By iHeart Dogs

    If you're reading this, chances are, you can never get enough of all things dog! For some of us, that means that the more “dog” that's in one furry package, the better!
    These big breeds below represent more fur, more slobber, and more big-armed snuggles than their smaller canine counterparts. Many of the pups on this list are gentle giants, but sadly, their large size can come at a price: big breeds tend to age faster than smaller ones, meaning that their life expectancy is often less than 12 years.
    However, fans of of these huge breeds wouldn't trade their gargantuan pups for the world...
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  • Can You Tell The Difference Between These Dog Breeds?

    Can You Tell The Difference Between These Dog Breeds?

    4 years ago - By iHeart Dogs

    There are so many different types of dog breeds from all over the world, and unsurprisingly, some look incredibly similar! With look-alike markings, coats, and statures, it's no surprise that some of these “twins” can even stump dog aficionados.
    Can you tell the difference between the dog breeds below? (Hint: not all the photos are in the same order as the headings!) Quiz yourself on these 12 pairs, and scroll to the bottom of this post for the answers!
    1. Norwich Terrier & Cairn Terrier
    (Image on left: Brad L.via Flickr / Image on right: Petful via Flickr )
    These two breeds have a lot in...
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